The key question here is the term “results.” We are on a learning curve with this question, with Lyme disease and its co-infections. We had it somewhat dialed in, with the Autoimmune diseases, for years. However; Lyme disease is an entirely different story. We’ve had customers feel comfortable with discontinuing use after using one eight-ounce bottle. While other customers are taking six months or more before they are comfortable going off this supplement. Another more obvious consideration must be, any other protocols that you are taking. Many pharmaceutical drugs; herbs; and supplement protocols; have side effects. Often those very side effects can mimic Lyme disease or its co-infections’ symptoms.

There are many other variables in a person’s overall health to consider as well. Our customers tend to be quite educated about this disease and understand much of what we are speaking of here. Some of them get re-tested and allow their results to define their personal decision. Hence, we are no longer suggesting a standard length of treatment.

At this point in time, the first Licensed Health Practitioner to begin using LymeplexPLUS® specifically for Lyme disease, presently recommends 4-6 eight-ounce bottles on average. As our current case studies are conducted and formally analyzed, and clinical trials get underway; we shall update this section here on our website and our newsletters.  And, as we make clear on our Landing Page: we highly recommend that you consult with a Lyme literate, Licensed Health Practitioner; as they can more effectively guide you in making the determination of the length of protocol and causation of remaining symptoms if any are present.