Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.

— Rumi

Lyme disease has ruined many millions of lives and destroyed families all around the world. And, I was one of them. And, believe me when I say that I asked God, “Why on earth would you choose ME, to discover this advancement for recovery from Lyme disease sufferers? Me, with no medical background!” Well, I have the answer now.

After realizing that I was suffering with the symptoms of Lyme disease for more than forty years, and being a mother of a son that was devastated for more than a decade by this same debilitating and complex disease, I believe that God chose me, because he knew my heart, he knew my character and most of all, he knew, that I know the pain firsthand; what this horrendous disease does to a human body. I lived it. I was maimed by it. And, most important of all: I healed from it.

And now, I have a deep passion to assist others in not falling victim to this horrific disease for one more day! When I lost hope? The treasure appeared. That treasure is this scientific advancement that we now call LymeplexPLUS. And, that treasure needs to be shared with the world!

-Lori Tran, Founder of. ORB Services, LLC

The number one objection that our Founder has been challenged with since introducing this advancement in medicine; is the topic of “ingredients. She, and her medical advisory team, along with the developer of this scientific breakthrough; have done everything possible to explain the nature of this incredible advancement. And yet, some of our customers still didn’t understand how something so natural, so pure, could be this effective. Our Ingredients video sought to explain the bioreactor manufacturing  —and we’ve covered the quantum leap of energy entrainment that was the scientific breakthrough with the development of the proprietary extraction process.  But perhaps it would help for you to all read the excerpt from this article about the nature of scientific advancements:


The full story originally appeared in the Harvard Health Blog.

Breakthroughs due to persistence and resilience in pursuit of a dream

In science, advances are a daily occurrence, but true breakthroughs are rare. What does it take to achieve world-changing scientific breakthroughs? Some are the result of a lucky accident, combined with curiosity: scientists traveling down one road suddenly find reason to veer onto another road, one they never planned to travel — a road that may well lead nowhere.

Other major breakthroughs stem from scientists pursuing a very specific dream. One day, usually early in their career, they get an idea that they can’t stop thinking about. It’s crazy, they say to themselves, but is it really impossible? They talk to respected colleagues who often remind them of all the reasons their idea might not work, and how damaging this could be for their career. It’s a sobering message, yet the idea won’t die. So, they scramble to find financial support and seek out colleagues willing to risk traveling that road with them — a road that may well lead nowhere. But sometimes the road leads to major breakthroughs like penicillin.

Breakthroughs due to lucky accidents and curiosity

One day in 1928, Dr. Alexander Fleming at St. Mary’s Hospital in London was growing bacteria in a laboratory dish. Fleming was not pursuing a scientific dream. He was a microbiologist, just doing his job.

Then he noticed something odd: overnight, another kind of microbe, a fungus, had traveled through the air, landed on the laboratory dish, and started to grow and spread on the dish where the bacteria were growing. Fleming soon noticed that the growing fungus seemed to be killing the bacteria. He surmised that it was making some substance that killed the bacteria. Because the name of the fungus was Penicillium rubens, he called the substance the fungus was making “penicillin.”

When Fleming published a paper about his discovery, few were interested. It took another 10 years before other scientists tried to generate large amounts of penicillin to see if it might be able to cure bacterial infections and save lives. We all know how that worked out. Fleming’s scientific breakthrough, like some others, occurred not because Fleming had a brilliant idea and exclaimed “Eureka!” Instead, it occurred because he noticed something and said, “That’s odd,” and then tried to figure it out.

Holding hard to their dreams

Whichever path scientists who achieve lifesaving breakthroughs travel, they often endure disinterest, like Fleming, or repeated skepticism, ridicule, and rejection, … Only through sheer persistence did these scientists bring their dreams to life.

By Anthony L. Komaroff is the Steven P. Simcox/Patrick A. Clifford/James H. Higby Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, senior physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and editor-in-chief of the Harvard Health Letter.


What is LymeplexPLUS®?

What is the ingredient LP2™?

How is it made?

Scientific Breakthrough Serum. Fast and Effective. Produces profound results.

LP2™, the unique differentiating ingredient in all ORB Services LLC products, is comprised non-exclusively of enzymes, proteins, and amino acids. The constituent enzymes are produced by microbes colonized in a proprietary technology referred to as the “LP2™ Bioreactor”. The manufacturer is increasing the number of its Bioreactors to satisfy product demand.

The Manufacturers’ Bioreactor contains a proprietary media near saturation levels with various species of microbes. Within their Bioreactor, various microbes have varying roles in the LP2™ production process. The process requires accurate temperature, oxygenation, and hydration levels. It depends significantly on clean hydration. Carbon and nitrogen level management is also necessary. All of which occur utilizing the complex proprietary process control systems developed by the manufacturer.

Bioreactors are sometimes compared to fermentation tanks for brewing beer or decomposition systems relying on various microbial species to support the various phases of these specific processes. This is true in the sense that microbes will do most of the work. Past that it is like comparing a Navy Seal team to a garbage collection company. Each person is important to get the specific job done but the skill set is considerably different.

The bioreactor initially extracts the primary molecular building blocks for the amine and carboxyl groups which must then combine into peptides which will subsequently combine to form into many and varied proteins.

The Manufacturer’s Bioreactor is designed specifically to restrict overall molecule availability to Carbon (C), Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N) and Hydrogen (H). Amino acids are formed from an amino group, a group comprised of C, O, N and/or H, and at least one carboxyl group. This inherently restricts production to beneficial, non-toxic amino acids. No toxic substances or toxic chemicals are used in or added to the process, nor are any toxins or toxic substances produced by the process. This is a clear distinction when comparing the Manufacturer’s Bioreactor to other microbe activated systems. The specificity and accuracy with which the amino acid selection is achieved is important to applications that LymeplexPLUS® targets.

The manufacturer’s Bioreactors employ a natural process by definition as there has been no genetic modification of any microbe or any organism in any part of any of our manufacturer’s process.

The LymeplexPLUS® product is retrieved from the bioreactor using proprietary extraction and filtration processes without compromise to microbes or the bioreactor environment. Reverse engineering the process using the LymeplexPLUS® product is impossible. The combination of microbes, and the environment in which they colonize, are proprietary, all-natural, and non-toxic. Independent laboratory tests confirm that the LymeplexPLUS® product is non-toxic and not harmful to organisms. Bacteriological and toxicology testing confirms the product is safe for consumption by plants, animals, and humans and is not harmful to organics.

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Although our customers report minimal herxing with LymeplexPLUS®, you may have to go through it to get to it! A Herxheimer reaction is the side effect of effective treatment or cleansing. It is a normal reaction your body has when toxins from dead pathogens are being dumped into the bloodstream faster than the body can comfortably handle. Herxheimer reactions are not necessarily a bad thing. They are a good indication that the body is healing, and toxins are being eliminated.

“A typical Herx reaction can last anywhere from a week to a few months. Each case is different and there are many factors at play when estimating how long the reaction will last. The biggest factor at play is the condition and status of what is being treated (i.e. the condition of skin lesions, the status of Lyme disease, etc.) Other factors that come in to play include how effectively the body can remove toxins and debris from the blood, and how healthy the body is overall.”

The most important thing to remember during any type of treatment or cleansing is that a Herx reaction is a good thing and the protocol should be continued if the Herxing is not extreme. Most people stop the treatment when they begin to Herx. They do not realize that Herxing is a good sign and they stop what they are doing before they have finished the cleansing process. Taking a day or two break and/or reducing the serving size or doctor prescribed dosage, is the simple answer to reducing your herxing. And then, building back up to a comfortable tolerance is the best approach to your healing process.

*See your Medical Professional if you have any further questions or concerns while taking this supplement.

Common Symptoms Include:

  • Nausea

  • Headache

  • Fatigue
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Cold Sweats
  • Fever
  • Chills

Also, note that everyone is different and will react differently.

Customer Reports

LymeplexPLUS® Products are designed to fortify a compromised immune system. Our customers have reported significant increases in their quality of living.

  • Mind fog clears

  • Energy increases

  • Better quality of sleep

  • Overall feelings of wellness

  • Colds and viruses don’t “hit them” as hard as they did in the past

  • The treatment was compatible with other health issues

  • Significant reduction in joint pain

  • Reduction of fever, chills, and dizziness

Lyme Disease

Suggested Holistic Protocol for Maximum Recovery
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You now have another option: To take your life back.

Our key ingredient, LP²™, creates an environment in your body, that not only enhances and boosts the immune system, but it also empowers it to do what a healthy immune system was designed to do: The immune system protects the body from harmful influences in the environment, like a guard, and is vitally important for the body. It is made up of different organs, cells, and proteins. Aside from the nervous system, it is the most complex system in the human body. LP²™ is comprised of a variety of amino acids, peptides, enzymes, and proteins.

Amino Acid Profile

Following is a partial list of some the Amino Acids (one group of important components) verified as present in the LP²™ formulation: Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Glutamic Acid, Histidine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Phenylalanine, Serine, Threonine, and Tyrosine.

While it would be technically accurate to refer to them as “ingredients”, we prefer to refer to them as “component parts” or “element parts” because none of the amino acids were added to our proprietary process. They were all produced within it. This is why the product is so unique. The actual number of different amines within the LP²™ product is far beyond that listed above. When asked why one couldn’t simply combine all of the listed amino acids into a mixing process and assume it to be equivalent, we will often provide our “apple analogy” as follows:

two apples on stem animated graphic

You see, you can only determine and isolate the “ingredients” (component/element parts) of an apple in a scientific laboratory up to the limits of the available technology. Upon determining all that we can appreciate regarding what an apple is comprised of, we still cannot take all of those “ingredients” and reproduce an apple exactly as nature does. Much would still be missing. An apple must be grown using a very complex process in order to get a true reproduction of the apple with all of its benefits intact. Even then, if conditions or resources are deficient or even slightly compromised it may fail to yield the desired result.

“Although a tree is common and familiar to all of us, how a tree grows, functions and its unique biology is not so familiar. The interrelationship of all a tree’s parts is very complex…” – Steve Nixs

Note: There have only been three documented products, in the history of “significant breakthroughs”, that are in this proprietary category, with this complex formulation. And so, we understand your confusion.