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LET FREEDOM (continue to) RING!

ORB Services, LLC was formed for the primary purpose of serving humanity; with it’s decision to bring out our proprietary supplement formula to those suffering with Lyme disease and it’s residual damage. Simply put, we have a major advancement in modern, natural medicine… and we are bringing it out to the public. And, for the record, we are very committed to restoring personal health freedoms and rights, back to the people once again.

Many of today’s American Citizens are planning for the potential challenges that they expect our nation will be experiencing in the coming months and years as a result of the handling of the COVID pandemic. We are all aware of the damage that this disruptor has done to millions of American families, as well as, small and mid-sized businesses.

With food shortages and supply chains already being disrupted, many of our citizens have prepared a storage of emergency food, medical, and water supplies. Some call these citizens “Preppers,” others call this simply the “Bug-out Plan” for preparing for the worst case scenario. It is for these citizens, that we have developed our Health Freedom Power Pack to add to their medical emergency kit supplies.

Our Kit includes:

One 2 oz. Bottle of our oral supplement has produced many testimonials that describe the power of it’s anti-inflammatory; anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial effects. In short, it appears to stop the invasion and expansion of pathogen growth in and on the human body. Our Licensed Health Professionals often recommended it for dental challenges as well.

One 20 ml. nasal spray bottle which has also offered similar testimonials as our oral serum: specifically in regards to supporting healthy sinus and brain function.

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Weight 4 oz


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