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Here is what a L.L. M.D. states about the importance of adding our nasal spray to your protocol:

LymeplexPLUS™ Nasal Spray

It is known that using the intranasal approach to deliver medicinal agents can be quite effective because the upper nasal passageways are close to the frontal lobe of the brain, separated by a thin membrane, the cribriform plate.  Once there, the agent is more readily absorbed directly into the brain substance and subsequent action can be expected to be more immediate and powerful.  This has many advantages in individuals with chronic Lyme disease and other ailments involving the brain, such as migraine headaches.


We have observed significant advantages for individuals using this agent for chronic Lyme disease, such as rapid reversal of so called brain fog within short periods of time, and cessation of symptoms of migraine headache in equally short periods, whether Lyme induced or not.  It also appears that routinely incorporating this approach in chronic Lyme disease patients, seems to be advantageous in shortening the overall recovery period as well as clearing the more specific central nervous system symptoms of deficient memory and headaches.    At this point I would recommend routinely incorporating LymeplexPLUS™ Nasal Spray as part of the treatment protocol of chronic Lyme because of these unique features.

-Arthur Gertler, M.D.