Customer Reports

LymeplexPlus® products are designed to fortify a compromised immune system. Our customers have reported significant increases in their quality of living.

  • Mind fog clears

  • Energy increases
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Overall feelings of wellness
  • Colds and viruses don’t “hit them” as hard as they did in the past
  • The protocol was compatible with other health issues

  • Significant reduction in joint pain
  • Reduction of fever, chills, and dizziness
LymeplexPlus® products are third-party certified and are tested by an FDA-registered and ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratory for potency and quality.
Lyme Disease

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LymeplexPLUS® Products can get you back on track to living your best life. This complex and fortifying formula is designed for the symptoms associated with Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease

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Lyme Disease

Real Words from Customers

This Stuff is Awesome

“I just have to start here by saying, that it’s been so many years since I have felt this good! After I found out about my cousin and how much LymeplexPLUS had helped him, I must admit that I was still skeptical that it could help me in the way that it helped him so much. He had been diagnosed with Lyme, I hadn’t. But he swore by it so much, that I decided to give it a try. My grandpa and grandma were also doing good from taking it too. I figured, why not give it a try.  I was diagnosed by my doctor with Celiac disease years ago and I knew that I also had arthritis already, because they had scraped it away during my surgery, and I am only 34 years old.

But once I received the LymeplexPLUS bottle and read the symptom’s that it helped? I realized that I had ALL of them! I guess that I was never even tested for Lyme disease and I’d been bitten by a lot of ticks many times over the years, as I have always hunted and fished a lot, here in Minnesota. Sometimes, I’d have to take off 20 of them at a time.

When I started taking it, it started to do what it said. My favorite thing about it is at about a week in it cleared up the “brain fog”. I can even sing/rap/whatever along with Eminem now! But for real, this stuff can and will help you or someone you know if they are suffering from any symptoms of Lyme’s disease.

Oh, and my tiredness and the nausea that I had a pretty much put up with every day, disappeared. Also, as the weeks went on, as I took this LymeplexPLUS; I also then realized that my wrist pain, from my wrist fusion surgery, was gone and so was the swelling and pain in my finger! I used to have one finger that hurt so bad when I would work that I could hardly stand it. Now it doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t usually talk about this to anybody but my fiancé, but if this could help somebody else with celiac or Lyme, I just have to say that I don’t get cramps and bloating anymore either. She even said that my snoring has stopped. I obviously owe my cousin a huge thank you.

This stuff is awesome.”

Bob K., Cottage Grove, Minnesota

This Product Has Been a Godsend to Me!

“Overwhelmed with family responsibilities I decided to learn about Lyme Disease on a need to know basis. Big mistake. I knew nothing about co-infections, nor did I know that all these diseases if left untreated are deadly.

My primary care doctor blew off a recurring pain in my brain until I demanded further testing after my Lyme Disease test came back negative, as it had four times before in previous years. So he referred me to an Integrative Doctor who clinically diagnosed me (by symptoms only) with Lyme Disease. Unfortunately by the time I was fully diagnosed, with Lyme and three co-infections, it was almost too late. I was headed for death. Breathing was very difficult, I was hallucinating, an intermittent humming noise was coming from my heart and my body wiggled, twitched and itched with the movements of these bacterial parasites inside of me, to name only a few of my symptoms.

After enduring many years of extreme pain and four years of extreme medical treatments I began to feel healthier by small increments. Then I started using LymePlexPlus. It sped my healing process up and moved me into a whole new dimension of actually feeling good, like myself again, for the first time in many years. Symptoms disappeared seemingly overnight. My hands devastated with open wounds from eczema for years cleared completely on the second day I used LymePlexPlus. My strength, stamina, cognitive ability, motivation and verve have returned. I’m doing Pilates three times a week, after resting and sleeping most of the time for four years. And I’ve experienced no side effects other than happiness. I can now smile again; I had forgotten how. I’d completely forgotten what being healthy felt like. I catch myself laughing during the day, because it just feels so good to be alive and to feel good again.

No one needs to go through what I went through. Get informed about Lyme Disease and Co-Infections before you are bitten by a tick and have LymePlexPlus on hand if you get bitten. It you have already been bitten and are suffering start taking LymePlexPlus as soon as possible because it is the best help available. It could save your life.

This product has been a godsend for me. Thank you!”

Elizabeth K., Berkshire Lyme Alliance, Pittsfield, MA.

My Health is Restored to 95%

“My name is Diana. I am 49 years old. I have been a Lyme sufferer for 9 years and recently (unknowingly) became infected for a third time. I have now been diagnosed as having contracted Lyme and Babesiosis along with some other tick borne diseases. I had been suffering significant Lyme disease symptoms, along with “air hunger”, for at least 18 months. Within a few days of beginning treatment with LymeplexPLUS I began to notice a slight improvement in my symptoms. Within a couple of weeks the air hunger was gone and my joint pain had subsided. I have also noticed that I have more energy, and more flexibility when exercising. Just a bottle and a half (12oz) of treatment with LymeplexPLUS and my health is restored to 95%. I plan to regain 100% of my health by finishing the treatment and becoming symptom-free.

Thank you, Dr. Gertler!!!!  I’m working hard to get better.  Thank you SO, SO much!!!!!!”

Diana, Massachusetts

From a Kinesiologist

“Being a Kinesiologist, my challenge is not only finding something that will help strengthen my clients, but will also provide them with solutions that will have lasting effects on their energy and pain levels. LP2 has become my go-to supplement to aid in healing Lyme disease that I use in conjunction with specialized kinesiology.”

Steven H., Evolved Energetics, Massachusetts

Helping Me Get My Life Back

“I am 36 years old. I have suffered with many symptoms of Lyme disease since being diagnosed 10 years ago. Most recently chronic fatigue, fever, chills, sweaty spells, dizziness, and insomnia are typical. Antibiotic treatment achieved limited relief after testing positive multiple times. My Lyme symptoms have seriously compromised my ability at work and worse, in my daily life. Even with 10 hours of sleep each night I felt fatigued all day. I was always so active at my job, enjoyed hobbies and loved my family life. Lyme took away my ability to properly participate. I started taking LymeplexPLUS immediately upon becoming aware of it via a relative. I am very pleased with the results as my symptoms have lessened dramatically. I feel like a new man. I grow more excited with the results each day as my life is returned to me. Thank you LymeplexPLUS for helping me get my life back!”

Jim K. Ashland, Wisconsin

Better Frame of Mind

“Good morning Dr. Gertler, I wanted to let you know that after completing 12 weeks on LymeplexPLUS, I feel terrific. I hired a personal trainer and I’m now working out regularly building muscle mass for the first time in my life. Professionally I am in a better frame of mind making more face-to-face prospecting sales calls than ever before.”

J. McGinn, Massachusetts


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